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                    Mail:       Prof. J.P.C.Greenlees,   
                                School of Mathematics and Statistics,
                                University of Sheffield,
				Hicks Building,
				S3 7RH.

                    Phone:      (0114)-222-3786 (direct)  
                                (0114)-222-3801 (departmental office)   
                      Fax:      (0114)-222-3809  
                    Email:      j.greenlees at  

London Mathematical Society

I am currently Vice President of the London Mathematical Society You may be interested in the LMS position papers (>Activities >Research Policy Committee)

Spring 2015

Local topology


Interests: Algebraic topology, especially stable homotopy theory and equivariant topology. Related commutative algebra and representation theory.

Global topology

What is topology anyway?


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